Shopify Integration

gültig für Version 1.0.0 - inhaltlich verantwortlich: Actindo AG
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Stand: 14.01.2020 14:50:10

ENG: Implement

This setting has the objective of adding your Shopify Account to your Actindo Channels Module.

In order to connect a Shopify Account with the Actindo Channels module, one has to create accounts and login first .

To enter these settings, please enter your Shopify App Store and select the Actindo Unified Commerce Suite App in Apps.

  1. Click on Install App


You will be forwarded to your Shopify Account.

  1. Select install app.


Now you will be forwarded to an Actindo Core1 Account-Mask.

  1. Enter your Workspace-URL.
    • Your workspace-URL is your Actindo Core1 Account Login-URL.
  2. Select start setup


In your Actindo Core1 Account you will find the installed and already synchronized Shopify Connection.


You have added a Shopify Connection to your Actindo Channels module that is ready to use.

Suggestion: Although the data added into the shop is mapped automatically, we suggest an initial check for errors.

How to:

You will find this setting in your Actindo Core1 Account in the Settings menu under the point ETL.