Actindo API Documentation

In order for our Actindo Core1 Digital Operations Platform to fit into our technology driven era, it has to be fully connective and integrative. This is why our platform is built with the API-first strategy in mind. Every part of the application is accessible through a set of documented API endpoints, which are all accessible through a variety of protocols. 

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Available APIs

The Actindo Core1 Digital Operations Platform is highly configurable and expandable, using not only the Actindo App Store, but including self-developed modules and extensions. Therefore, every Actindo Core1 account is unique in its APIs due to the individual construction of the installed and extended modules.  

On this page, you will find the API specification of the platform itself, as well as all Actindo modules and extensions in their latest versions. Individual accounts have different versions and vendor profiles. Please log in and navigate to Dev Tools > API in order to get the full documentation connected to your specific account. 

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