Core1 Platform API documentation
Stand: 26.11.2020 13:47:32

Using the API


Module and extension API versioning is SemVer 2.0 compatible and all 3rd party vendors are heavily encouraged to follow that semantic versioning convention.

Calling the API

  • You MUST always use Content-Type: application/json
  • You SHOULD always supply the Accept: header that's given in the response of the API method


Retrieve a session id by logging into your account with with your username and password using Actindo.CoreModules.Auth.Auth.login. To make authenticated calls you can pass along the session id in three different forms.

Include a cookie named ACTINDOTHREEXTR with your session id in your requests.

Send along the http header X-Actindo-Session-ID with your session id in your request.


Append the GET parameter dev_session_id to the request url.

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