Efficiency offensive through digital transformation – building crisis resilience in times of uncertainty

    The pandemic triggered a whole range of disruptions in the world. Inflation, the ongoing supply chain issues, rising energy costs, and now the Ukraine war, have made it difficult for businesses to create value and optimize cost efficiency. It’s now more important than ever for businesses to focus on efficiency programs that increase their growth potential and be future ready.

    In cooperation with FOSTEC & Company GmbH, this whitepaper outlines a framework that will help businesses begin their digital transformation journey. Gain insights on implementing SaaS solutions that can optimize processes and create value for your business.

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    The whitepaper at a glance

    • Digitization framework to automate and optimize value-added processes
    • Project management practices that combine agile and classic project management methods
    • Case Study: How Braun BĂŒffel managed to increase sales by 70% during the pandemic by implementing Actindo
    • Success factors for digitization projects


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