Return Management (RMA)

    Returns are an inevitable part of every distance trading business model. However, in order to handle unavoidable returns in the most cost and resource efficient way possible, automated process steps have become absolutely necessary. The return management module of the Actindo Core1 platform offers the necessary basis for the intelligent processing of returns with handy options for individualization and automation. 


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    Actindo_Return Management

    Benefits of the Actindo Return Management 

    • Fully customizable return reasons to best suit your customers 
    • Comprehensive evaluations of returns at the push of a single button 
    • Automatic warehouse postings of returns through connection to Warehouse Management
    • Automated creation of refunds and return imports


    Professional and Automated Processing of Returns 

    Actindo_Return Management_Import von Retouren

    Customizable Return Reasons and Conditions

    Return reasons and product conditions are fully customizable to your requirements and can be individually stored in the system.  

    Import of Returns

    Returns from connected sales channels and your web store can be imported easily and effortlessly via the Actindo DataHub in various file formats, such as CSV. 

    Actindo_Return Management_Individualisierbare Rücksendegründe Retourenscheine

    Action Matrix

    Based on the return reasons, the RMA process can be completely mapped out in the system. Returns are automatically stored in the picking warehouse, tracking warehouse or in blocked storage.  



    Refunds are created automatically, and no additional manual setting is necessary. Using the Actindo payments module, these can be executed automatically or checked again manually using the 4-eyes principle.  


    Process-oriented Returns Handling 

    For customers, returning an item is quite simple, but for retailers it involves a lot of time and effort. Return slips have to be created, return receipts booked and refunds paid out. This is usually a complex process that can be simplified with smart digital solutions. The Actindo platform supports you by mapping out the entire customizable returns management process and automating workflows for efficient returns processing. 

    Actindo_Return Management_Prozessorientierte Retourenabwicklung
    Actindo_Return Management_Effizient arbeiten und Geld sparen Rücksendungen als Kostenfaktor


    Returns as a Cost Factor 

    Having a high return rate results in high costs. Although return costs can be charged to customers, many retailers refrain from doing so because acceptance among customers for it is too low. In addition to the shipping of returns, however, inefficient returns management can also cost a lot of money. Especially in online retail, returns management is an important aspect for the economic success of a company. Using modern systems, such as the Actindo return management module, you can free up resources and optimize the processing of returns, ensuring greater efficiency. 

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