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There is a tectonic business model shift in E-Commerce towards a holistic experience on any touchpoint, relationships and personalization. Even more it is about powering business models you haven't even conceived yet.

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You'll want an agile and scalable enterprise ecommerce software platform that handles black friday peaks and fits your expansion goals.

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Offering your customers a real-time and personalized experience on any touchpoint is a basic necessity for survival in today's retail work.

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Retailers must keep pace with connected and influential customers. How will you power your commerce of things strategy?

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Actindo is positioned as a Leader in the Experton Market insight

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Actindo Unified Commerce Suite

Energize your B2B & B2C business with our award-winning ecommerce suite. Actindo streamlines your back office, giving you more time to serve your customers. Commerce everywhere.

Actindo Core1 Platform

Actindo is the first enterprise API-based ecommerce platform built from the ground up to take advantage of any touchpoint and any technology. Future proof.

Premium Commerce Apps

We provide a complete suite of applications that empowers your business to build unique new experiences with agility.

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