Order Management

    In order torchestrate various sales channels - from your own online store to numerous marketplaces - you would need a centrally controlled order management system. Actindo's Order Management module collects all customer orders from all connected B2C and B2B sales channels in one place and enables fast and seamless processing of your orders by automating processes. 


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    Benefits of the Actindo Order Management 

    • Central assembling and processing of orders from all sales channels in one place 
    • Automated and fast order processing 
    • Fully controlled picking, packing and shipping for each of your sales channels
    • Control of Actindo WMS, external fulfillers and drop shippers  


    Process Orders Centrally and Efficiently with Actindo Order Management 


    Automatically Import Orders

    All customer orders from your connected sales channels are imported fully automatically with our Order Management. For many channels, the import is even performed in real time.  

    Payment Reconciliation

    Incoming payments are automatically checked in the system and assigned to existing customer orders. Open items are recognized and cleared directly. If a payment is settled, the system automatically releases the shipment of the goods.  


    Automatic Processing of Orders

    In the Actindo Order Management, orders and documents are automatically booked in the system and then processed or sent out 

    Individual Logic

    All processes can be individually adapted to your requirements. Thanks to the Actindo Process Integration module, you can graphically create links and configure processes as desired. 



    Consistent Sales Across all Channels 

    In order to offer customers a consistent shopping experience across all touchpoints, your internal processes must also be standardized and centrally controlled. In Actindo's Order Management, all orders from your sales channels are converged and processed in the same automated way to ensure consistent customer interactions across channels. 


    Smart Links for Fast Order Processing

    Manually processing every order from every marketplace costs time, money and is simply inefficient. When different business areas, such as warehousing, invoicing and accounting are intelligently linked, companies benefit from automated processes and customers ultimately benefit from fast order processing. 


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