PIM - Manage Product Data Efficiently

    The Actindo Product Information Management (PIM) is the one source of truth for collectingmanaging and enriching product data and thus the heart of all your sales channels. Developed according to the API-first principle, the Actindo PIM module can be quickly and easily integrated into existing system landscapes and serves as the basis for efficient unified commerce across all channels.

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    Benefits of the Actindo PIM 

    • Flexible integration into existing system landscapes, including data transformation from legacy IT-systems 

    • Real-time management and control of product data for all sales channels and marketplaces 

    • Central product data hub that breaks down data silos and ensures high data quality

    • Data output individually tailored to each output channel 



    Intelligent Product Data Management for All Sales Channels

    Actindo_PIM_Volldynamisches Datenmodell Management Aufbereitung und Ausgabe ihrer Daten

    A Fully Dynamic Data Model

    The flexible data model of Actindo PIM allows product types, attributes and attribute sets as well as variants to be fully customized. Articles can be maintained en masse and even the most complex article structures can be mapped. 

    Central Control of All Marketplaces

    All your sales channels, whether it is an online shop, POS or marketplaces, can be controlled centrally and individually via the PIM of Actindo. Completeness check for maintained products can be carried out for each marketplace individually. 

    Actindo_PIM_Zentrale Steuerung aller Marktplätze und Vollständigkeitscheck

    Management, Preparation and Output of Your Data

    Data can be imported and exported manually or automatically in various data formats. Via ETL, neutral product data can be prepared and played out in the PIM for all marketplaces individually and automatically. 

    Flexible Integration Options

    The Actindo PIM can be flexibly connected to existing a/o legacy systems and data transformations from those could be easily implemented. A variety of other integrations are also available.  

    Actindo_PIM_Immer agil - immer auf wachstum vorbereitet


    More Flexibility for Your Requirements

    Every company has its own unique product data management requirements. The Actindo PIM module enables you to efficiently manage products across all channels. Not only can you maintain product data, but you can also design data management to meet your individual needs. For example, create your own product types with specific attributes, maintain products in multiple languages and decide which data exists on which channels. Flexibility is a synonym for Actindo PIM. 


    Perfect Fit for Existing IT

    Is your IT infrastructure built on legacy systems such as SAP or AS/400? With Actindo, you don't have to replace your functioning system landscape. The PIM can be easily connected to your existing systems and online shop technology which enables an optimal data exchange. As a result, you can digitize and centralize your trade processes quickly and with little effort. 

    Actindo_System Modernisierung IT Infrastruktur_Erweiterbar_Anbindungen_SAP_AS400
    Actindo_DataHub_Zentrale Datendrehscheibe-3


    Touchpoint Excellence Thanks to DataHub and ETL 

    The Actindo PIM unfolds its full power, especially in combination with the Actindo DataHub. Thanks to ETL, the DataHub ensures that even the most complex and varying data can be easily mapped, transformed and transferred to other modules and external systems. This way, you will maintain your product data centrally in the Actindo PIM and play it out individually and automatically for each sales channel. In practice, this means less adjustment effort: manually creating and moving product data in different systems or Excel files is a thing of the past.   

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