Process Orchestration

The Actindo Process Orchestration module is a tool that allows you to sculpt, control, map and monitor your business processes.

  • More efficiency and flexibility via business processes overview 
  • Maximum control via real-time process display and detailed log
  • Fully customizable through user-defined workflows
  • Define specific business rules for any process or scenario
Platform Overview
Platform Overview

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Key benefits of Actindo Core1

✔ Boost Revenue on New Channels
Easily expand your product and service offerings with Actindo's flexible omnichannel platform.

✔ Fix Data Errors
Make informed business decisions. No more manual maintenance of data via spreadsheets!

✔ Improve Customer Satisfaction
Consolidate and control all sales channels. Enhance the post-sales experience everywhere, at all times.


From fragmented to integrated: 
How Actindo contributes to Kapten & Son's e-commerce success

Our client Kapten & Son implemented the Actindo Core1 platform to reduce manual processes and orchestrate all orders centrally:

weeks to go-live
% increase in productivity of customer care team
% boost in order processing capacity
Kapten & Son homepage-1


Model your specific workflows

Process Orchestration

The Actindo Process Orchestration enables rapid modeling, deployment and monitoring of business processes to automate your workflows.

Business Rule Management

The Actindo Process Orchestration allows you to design and execute business rules. This allows you to cast decision paths for specific processes and scenarios and easily automate them.


Live Data and Log

In the Workflow Manager, all processes and data can be viewed live, and a detailed log is created for each process. This means that you can always see where an order or return is currently located, and can quickly intervene in the event of errors and track all steps.

Individual Workflows

Maximum flexibility in automating your processes: All workflows are defined by you and can be fully customized. This means that your specific business processes can be mapped precisely.


Simple networking - internally and externally

Actindo's Process Orchestration and Process Integration modules are foundational to successful digitization strategies. Process Orchestration allows for customized mapping and provision of your internal business processes, streamlining workflows. Process Integration bridges gaps between your Actindo Core1 platform and external systems, allowing for seamless networking of external processes and complete digitization of your value chain.


Frequently-Asked Questions

Want to know more? We've collected some of the most commonly-asked questions below. If you don't find what you're looking for then get in touch! Our experts will be happy to help.

What is Actindo Core1?

Actindo Core1 is the world's most flexible commerce ERP. It orchestrates the building blocks of composable commerce to transform, streamline and unify any digital business model.


The API-first and MACH-certified technology features built-in data organisation and distributed order management capabilities.


This enables brands and retailers to easily extend the platform, integrate their legacy ERP system and deliver an outstanding digital experience across all channels. 

Can I keep my legacy ERP?
Absolutely - Actindo's Core1 solution is designed to integrate step-by-step with your existing infrastructure. It doesn't require a complete system overhaul, and is backed by over a decade of experience working with globally-respected companies. Get in touch with us to discuss your exact requirements.
How much does it cost?
This depends on your exact needs, existing system landscape and monthly order volumes. We will tailor our highly flexible solution to your exact requirements. Our experts are happy to discuss your exact requirements in a short call.
Is my data safe?
All your data is stored on Actindo's own, highly-secure servers in Germany, which have been independently certified by TÜV. Our employees have no access to your data, unless you specifically give this for the individual Actindo employee and for a defined period of time. Our company and our processes are certified according to ISO9001, so that any access and data use can be clearly proven. Accordingly, we ensure the highest GDPR standards of the EU.
How long will it take?
Depending on your exact needs, it could be live within a matter of months. As a member of the MACH Alliance, Actindo solutions are Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless. Which means that we are able to implement within your existing system landscape within a very short time.
Which integrations are available?
Actindo enjoys solution partnerships and integrations with many of the biggest names in e-commerce. From Salesforce to Shopify, and Amazon to eBay, we have you covered. See our Integrations page for more.

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