Central Data Hub

    The Actindo DataHub

    All modules within the Actindo Core1 platform are interconnected via ETL as well as external services. This gives companies the flexibility to customize their individual data fields and sources for every single process. The Actindo DataHub is therefore the system’s central data hub. Its flexible data model enables complex and varying data to be mapped, transformed and transferred to other modules as well as external systems  all of this fully automated via ETL.

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    Benefits of the Actindo DataHub

    • Quickly connect external systems and automate data exchange  
    • Central data storage to break up data silos  
    • Easy integration and harmonization of sales channels and touchpoints  
    • Optimization of processes via automatic data transfers in real time   



    Intelligent Data Orchestration with the Actindo DataHub

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    Central Data Processing

    As a central data hub, the Actindo DataHub provides the basis for all modules of the Actindo Core1 platform. This allows you to customize the necessary data fields in all modules and for all business processes to best suit your business model.  

    Automated Data Transformation (ETL)

    With the help of an integrated ETL system, data from different sources can be aggregated, standardized and transformed according to your individual requirements and application landscape. This makes it very easy to connect to external systems.   


    Import & Export

    The DataHub offers a wide range of options for data imports and exports. Whether manually, time-controlled, or at specific points in the business process: imports and exports are easy to configure with the Actindo DataHub. Through formats such as CSV, XML, XML/EDIFACT and EDIFACT (depending on the booked integrations), the data format of any third-party software can be configured fast and easily 

    Comprehensive API

    Our API-first approach enables easy and flexible integration of third-party systems and applications. All functions are fully controllable via an API integrationAdditionally, custom extensions can be developed by your company or technology partners and seamlessly deployed as well.   


    Easy Data Exchange Thanks to an Integrated ETL Function 

    ETL stands for Extract, Transform, Load and describes the integration process in which data from one or more data sources is read, prepared and transferred to the central DataHub. The goal is to prepare the integrated data for further processing and make it available for downstream processes and applications.  
    In practice, a DataHub with ETL means less customization effort. Data can be sent from one or more third-party systems to the Actindo DataHub in any format. The DataHub takes over the data transformation and aggregation and sends the adapted information to the target system. In this way, product and order management can be simplified across all channels. New marketplaces can be flexibly connected, and existing legacy systems can be integrated into modern e-commerce environments. 

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    Step-by-step Transformation During Ongoing Operations 

    Traditional IT strategies for modernizing the IT landscape include either the complete replacement of existing systems in a mammoth project or fragile, hard-to-maintain point-to-point connections between the old and the new systems. However, with the help of the Actindo DataHublegacy systems such as SAP R/3 or AS/400 can be connected to the Actindo Core1 platform and data can be transferred smoothly. This approach enables a step-by-step modernization of your IT as well as a rapid time-to-market. So instead of replacing the entire system landscape, retailers and brands can use a single integration to Actindo to make their entire inventory solution fit for the future of retail.  


    Agile Product Data Management 

    The Actindo DataHub enables a smooth flow of data through your entire IT landscape. One particularly important process for companies that is made much more efficient through the use of DataHub and ETL is product data management. Together with the Actindo PIM, the DataHub forms the core of your unified commerce strategy: with the help of ETL, data can be extracted, modeled, refined and transferred to external systems completely automatically from a wide variety of data sources.  
    This makes it easy to centrally manage and control product data for all sales channels, from your own online store to international marketplaces and brick-and-mortar retail. This greatly simplifies the listing of your products in all your sales and marketing channels and saves you valuable time. 


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