Process Integration

Actindo Flux

Actindo Flux is a module that simplifies the integration and orchestration of business processes and acts as an enterprise service bus for the Actindo Core1 platform. It enables the automation of processes by graphically connecting internal functions as well as any external systems and APIs. This way, Actindo Flux provides the basis for an easy connection and efficient exchange of data between Actindo and external systems - via graphical connection and little or no code at all. 

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Benefits of the Actindo Process Integration Module 

  • Connect processes, APIs, external systems and IoT hardware graphically with little programming knowledge needed  
  • Simplify data exchanges between Actindo and external systems 
  • Link almost all internal processes of the Actindo platform 
  • Shared communication bus instead of individual, fragile point-to-point connections  


The Simplest Way to Automate Processes 


Graphical programming

The Actindo Process Integration Module is a programming tool that allows hardware devices, APIs and online services to be wired together graphically with minimal programming knowledge. 

Process Integration

The Process Integration module represents a middleware component. As an enterprise application integration platform, it is used for easy data exchange between Actindo and third-party systems. 


Process Orchestration

Using the Actindo platform's Process Orchestration, you can design and execute business procedures. The tool enables you to furthermore deploy modeling and monitoring rapidly of your business processes. 

Enterprise Service Bus

Distributed services and APIs can be integrated into the enterprise application landscape via the Process Integration module. This way, it acts as a communication bus and replaces fragile point-to-point connections between different software systems.


Dynamic Process Automation 

Seamless integration and linking of processes, APIs and software is a crucial step towards digitizing your business. With a Process Integration and Orchestration platform, you can graphically set up connections and customize them according to your requirements. Define the procedures of your business processes and continuously optimize your them to reach the best results, with least costs and effort. Since almost no code is required, the resources of your software developers can also be spared and used more efficiently.  



Efficient Process Network for Smooth Customer 


Your customers interaction must be fast, professional and smooth. For companies, this means that internal business processes must be optimally connected and automated as well as designed in an agile manner in order to quickly adapt to new requirements and circumstancesActindo offers agility by allowing your connections, both within Actindo Core1 and to external systems, to be configured with just a few clicks.   

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