Adyen Integration

    With the help of the payment platform Adyen, you can offer your customers all their preferred payment methods - with the help of just one service provider. Through the integration to the Actindo Payment Module, you have a complete overview of all payments made via Adyen from all sales channels and can easily transfer them to Actindo Accounting

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    How it works:

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    Capture, Cancel and Refund

    Request based on authorization

    Actindo Icon Left Arrow Adyen_icon

    Authorizations, Captures, Refunds, Cancellations and Chargebacks

    Success or error messages

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    Notification about new reports

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    Reports' download and processing

    Key Features

    • Integration over the new Actindo Payment Module
    • Receipt of authorizations, captures, refunds, cancellations and chargebacks via push notification from Adyen triggered by external sources (e.g. store)
    • Verification of push data through automated reports
    • Capture, Cancel & Refund possible either directly via the Payments Module or automated
    • Triple check of payment data: directly at transaction request, at success or error message and at report reconciliation
    • Easy transfer to accounting using the payment processing module
      Improved open item matching for payments originating from Actindo documents

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