EDI Integration

EDI refers to the electronic and fully automatic exchange of data between different application systems. It thus serves as the basis for the digitalization of processes and the transfer of important data, such as orders, order confirmations, delivery notes or invoices. The EDI integration ensures the automated transfer of data between the Actindo Core1 platform and any external systems, so that you can easily connect your existing IT to them.

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How it works:

Actindo Icon Right Arrow Actindo_Anbindung_EDI_Function

Export any data

Visual configuration of outgoing EDIFACT & XML/EDIFACT messages, their contents and data sources

Actindo Icon Left Arrow Actindo_Anbindung_EDI_Function

Import any data

Visual configuration of incoming EDIFACT & XML/EDIFACT messages, their contents, and data sources

Key Features

  • Export of all data and transformation into EDIFACT and XML/EDIFACT
  • Visual configuration of EDIFACT and XML/EDIFACT messages and their contents
  • Import of EDIFACT and XML/EDIFACT messages
  • Transport via AS2 (using AS2 Integration), HTTP(S), SFTP
  • Export and import in manual process, time-controlled or at any point in the business process

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