Modern Financial Accounting 

    The requirements for modern accounting software go far beyond document posting. The Actindo Accounting Module includes all functions of accounts receivable and accounts payable and can meet even the most complex of requirements. The Actindo Core1 platform is the only middleware worldwide with complete accounting module integrated. This means that all bookings for all orders of the connected channels and accounts are automatically generated and optionally transferred live to a group accounting system. As a result, your data integration is extremely simplified and easy to manage. 

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    Benefits of the Actindo Accounting Module 

    • Comprehensive business and tax evaluations, reports and analyses directly in the Actindo Core1 platform  
    • Actindo has a GoBD certificate and meets the requirements of the German Federal Ministry of Finance 
    • Automated processes, such as payment reconciliation, dunning or release logic for incoming invoices 
    • Can be used as a general ledger or sub-ledger 


    Fully Integrated Financial Accounting with the Actindo Accounting Module 

    Accounts receivable and accounts payable

    The Actindo Accounting Module offers all necessary features for your accounting, including an integrated payment system and the automatic reconciliation of open payments. 

    Preparation of VAT

    Create evaluations for the calculation proof as well as the codes of the official VAT returns form for transmission to the tax office via Elster. 


    Double-entry Accounting

    Our Accounting Module offers a real double-entry accounting based on DATEV with debit/credit entry and dialog as well as a batch and quick entry mask. 

    General Ledger and Subledger

    The Actindo Accounting Module can be used as a general ledger or as a sub-ledger to synchronize data into the general ledger of your corporation.  


    Document Verification incl. Payment Proposal List

    The module has an extended process for managing incoming invoices with release logic, comment function and the 4-eyes principle check. Based on the payment conditions of your suppliers, you can also receive payment suggestions. 

    Standard and Customizable Accounts Chart

    DATEV-compatible charts of SKR03 and SKR04 accounts with support for additional, individual charts of accounts. All charts of accounts are fully customizable in the Actindo Accounting module, including tax keys and distribution logic.


    Extensive Evaluations

    Various evaluations such as profit and loss accountsbusiness assessments, cost center and cost unit accounting as well as profit center or the monthly balance sheet can be individually configured and created in the module.

    Accounting Exports

    Data can be exported in standardized format for DATEV, SAP FICOGDPdU or configured individually. Mapping functions for export to third-party systems are also available. 

    Fully Automatic Dunning

    The system recognizes open receipts and sends out fully automatic reminders. 



    Digital Workflows in Accounting 


    Folders full of paper invoices are a thing of the past. However, just digitizing transmission and processing of invoices is not enough. Efficient digitization of accounting involves automating everyday workflows, such as payment reconciliation, document verification and reminders. Automated processes will not only save you time, but also avoid errors that are common when working manually. 


    Flexibility Through Interfaces 

    Before switching to a Digital Operations Platform, companies usually already use other IT systems and isolated applications, including accounting tools. To avoid having to completely replace these, you can connect service providers such as DATEV or SAP to the Actindo Core1 Platform and easily export your data. GDPdU-certified exports for tax officials are also possible with the help of our Accounting Module. 



    Automated Payment Processes with the Payments and Accounting Module 


    The automatic processing and booking of payments are important success and efficiency factors for companies. Especially when orders are received from several sales channels and different payment methods are offered via external service providers. By linking the Accounting and Payment Modules, the Actindo Core1 Platform enables a holistic automated process flow from the receipt of payments, through processing, to the final allocation of incoming payments. Our Payment Module acts as a link between payment providers and Actindo Accounting.  

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