Business Intelligence

    Performance tracking is a crucial aspect of being able to evaluate your business success. If you want to have any chance to grow and improve, you need to keep an eye on figures, statistics, and KPIs from all business areas. The Actindo BI module provides you with a comprehensive dashboard for a quick and uncomplicated evaluation of your performance. You determine which indicators are relevant for you and can create detailed reports for all your business areas.  


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    Benefits of the Actindo Business Intelligence Module 

    • Define important KPIs for performance measurement 
    • Generate reportfor SQL-based queries of your own database 
    • Create comprehensive statistics and reports
    • Analyze your performance, customer data and employee statistics in detail 


    Keep an Eye on All Your KPIs with the Actindo Business Intelligence Module 

    Actindo_Business intelligence_Statistik und Bi-Cockpit

    Statistics and BI Cockpit

    You can predefine your KPIs and create complete statistics on performance, sales, costs, purchasing behavior, customers, stock, and even employee statistics for calculating commissions. 

    Create Customized Reports

    A full SQL interface is available for creating fully customizable reports in SQL, XLS, and other formats. 


    Analytics for a Sustainable Trade 

    In order to increase success, efficiency, and ultimately the profit of your e-commerce, you need to determine what you are measuring performance against on the one hand and evaluate the statistics on a regular basis on the other. The Business Intelligence module of the Actindo Core1 platform supports you in tracking individual articles, sales or customer behavior down to the last detail. 

    Actindo_Business intelligence_Smarte Performance Messung Business Analytics für zukunftsfähigen Handel
    Actindo_Business intelligence_Business Dashboard


    Build a Personalized Business Dashboard 

    Keeping track of all business areas is difficult when different systems and IT solutions are in use. As an overarching digital operations platform, the Actindo Core1 integrates all the important processes of online commerce and thus enables the BI module to provide an overview of the various KPIs and statistics from all kinds of modules in one place. 

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