Customer Management

Inside information about their customers is worth its weight in gold for companies. The Actindo Customer Management module offers an uncomplicated and straightforward way to manage customer data. After orders are imported from any connected stores and marketplaces, customer master data is then automatically created, or existing master data records are recognized and updated as needed. If desired, the available fields of the master data record can be extended via additional DataHub fields. 

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Benefits of the Actindo Customer Management 

  • Easy management of customers’ master data  
  • Automated updating of existing master data records when importing orders  
  • Data can be individually expanded with additional fields via the Actindo DataHub  
  • Automatic storage of customer data when importing orders from any sales channel  



Interlinked and Automated Customer Management 


Management of Customer Data

All kinds of customer information, such as addresscontact databank details, etc., can be stored in our system. In addition, multiple addresses can be stored and managed for each customer master.   


Individual logic and Process Integration

Stored customer data can be used to create individual logic and integrated into any process using the Actindo Process Integration module.


Flexible Extension

You are in control of what customer information you want to store. With the Actindo DataHub, the master data records can be flexibly extended with additional fields and thus adapted to your individual needs.  

Automated Import

Customer data is automatically captured and stored in the module when importing orders from any store or marketplace. Existing data records could be thus updated in the process.  


Full Customer Data at Just Glance 

No matter which sales channels your customers use to order, all data is valuable. However, keeping a separate master data collection for each marketplace is confusing and unproductive. With Actindo, all orders from all connected channels are imported into the platform and the customer master data is automatically stored in the customer management module. This means you will always have an overview of all data and can manage customer information centrally: this is how customer centricity works today.



Secure Management of Your Data 

Anyone who collects customer information must manage it with utmost care. Handling customer data safely is essential if you want to avoid data mishaps. Actindo ensures not only effective but also secure management of your customers’ information. Our platform is GDPR compliant and offers high security standards. For example, you can specifically set who gets access to which data and access histories can be fully tracked. 

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