Omni-Channel Orchestration

    There are many ways to go about your digital commerce, including not only your own online store but also numerous marketplaces. However, managing products in each channel separately could be a huge waste of time and resources. With Actindo's Omni-Channel module, you can connect your web store and all relevant marketplaces directly to the platform and manage them centrally from itMoreover, various store systems can be integrated, such as Shopify or Magento 2.  


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    Benefits of the Actindo Omni-Channel Module 

    • Connect various store systems, such as Shopware or Salesforce CommerceCloud 
    • Centrally manage all your sales channels in one place 
    • Connect to numerous available marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay or Otto 
    • Control the assortment and product data individually per channel 


    Manage Sales Channels Easily with Actindo Omni-Channel Orchestration 

    Actindo_Omnichannel_Zeitsparende Produktinformationspflege Datentransformation ETL

    Time-saving Product Information Maintenance

    Products and product data are only created once and centrally in the PIM. This information is then displayed on the web store and all connected sales channels. There, you can decide individually for each channel which products and data should be displayed. You can easily connect new marketplaces at any time as well. 

    Link to inventory and order management

    Inventory levels are continuously synchronized between the marketplaces and the Actindo Core1 platform and thus always kept up to date. Orders from the sales channels are automatically imported and passed on to the Order Management module. This way, you always have an overview of all stocks and orders of your sales channels with just several clicks. 
    Actindo_Omnichannel_Verknüpfung zu Lagerbeständen und Order Management Tracking der Bestellungen

    Data Transformation via ETL

    In our PIM, you create your data in a media-neutral manner. It is then transformed via an automated ETL pipeline in the DataHub and made usable for every marketplace and connected system. Data that has been configured once can thus be used for every channel you need. 

    Tracking of Orders

    Orders from the marketplaces are processed by the Actindo platform in the same way as orders from your own online store. Order status and tracking codes are transmitted directly and automatically to your customers for tracking purposes. 


    Actindo_Omnichannel_Neue Touchpoints schaffen Präsenz und Reichweite steigern


    Easily integrate new touchpoints


    The number of online marketplaces has more than doubled in recent years in the German-speaking countries alone. Online retailers have a multitude of potential sales channels at their disposal through which they can expand their reach and strengthen their customer presence.  

     Take advantage of new opportunities and select the channels that can best benefit your business. The Omni-Channel module of the Actindo Core1 platform allows you to connect as many marketplaces as you would like and continuously expand your sales channels. At the same time, the shopping experience of your customers is unified through centralized control panel. This way, you benefit from new touchpoints and an up-to-date unified commerce environment.




    Increase Sales - Conserve Resources 

    Operating many different marketplaces can increase your sales, but at the same time it can be very time consuming. With the Actindo Core1 platform and the integrated Omni-Channel module, you enrich your product data in the PIM only and then have it automatically distributed to all channels via ETL with the help of the DataHub. All product data maintenance and order management are being handled centrally via the Core1 platform. This saves you and your employees valuable time and resources, that you can invest in other important processes for your company.  


    Actindo_Omnichannel_Aufwände minimieren und effizient arbeiten Umsätze steigen Ressourcen schonen

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