Fast and secure handling of payments is essential for companies working in digital commerce. The Actindo Payment module gives you the possibility to connect various payment service providers, such as PSPscredit cards, and banks via EBICS. This way, you will be able to organize and track your payments directly from the Actindo Core1. Furthermore, the module allows fully automated processing of incoming payments and refunds. 

Platform Overview


Benefits of the Actindo Payment Module 

  • Connect and manage the payment service providers of your choice 
  • Save time with automated, partially live, booking of your banking statements  
  • Generate payments for cash payments at your POS terminals 
  • Receive automated captures and refunds  



Smart Payment Management with Actindo 

Automated Import

With the Payment module of Actindo, pre-authorized payments are captured automatically at the moment orders are delivered. In the case of returns or credit notes, refund requests are automatically sent out to the original means of payment. By using the 4-eyes principle this process can optionally be double checked. 

Generation of Payments for POS, Telephone Sales and Sales Representatives

Depending on the type of integration, payments from POS terminals can also be generated. Furthermore, payments from telephone sales and field sales representatives can be processed just as easily. 

Actindo_Payment_Automatisierter Import

Connection of Payment Service Providers

Using our simple EBICS integration, various payment service providers such as Payment Service Providers (PSP), Paypal, credit cardor bank transactions can be flexibly connected to the Actindo Core1 platform. 

Import of Bank Statements and Automatic Posting

Bank statements and reports from payment service providers can be automatically processed and posted to your accounting moduleIn the case of prepayments, the shipment of orders could be held off until the money is received and automatically released for delivery at successful payment

Actindo_Payment_Anbindung von Zahlungsdienstleistern


Payment processing and accounting linked 

Speed is an essential factor for anyone who works in e-commerce. The Actindo Payment module connects the business accounts at your various payment service providers and the Actindo Accounting module. In being the smart connection between those two modules, the Actindo Payment helps you to process orders faster and more efficiently. Thanks to automated payment checks, incoming payments are registered directly, and orders could therefore be processed immediately. Refunds can be made just as quickly and automatically. By linking payment and accounting, you not only minimize the workload for your employees, but also offer your customers a smooth and fast service.   


Manage All Payments Centrally 

The payment options for customers are diverse, and so are the payment service providers that exist on the market today. In order to be able to offer your customers the widest possible range of payment methods - from invoice to credit card to direct debit - cooperation with various providers is unavoidable. Actindo's payment module enables the simple connection of various payment service providers, such as KlarnaPaypal or banks via EBICS and thus makes the management of all payments and refunds centrally via the Core1 platform possible 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Absolutely - Actindo's Core1 solution is designed to integrate step-by-step with your existing infrastructure. It doesn't require a complete system overhaul, and is backed by over a decade of experience working with globally-respected companies. Get in touch with us to discuss your exact requirements.

This depends on your exact needs, existing system landscape and monthly order volumes. We will tailor our highly flexible solution to your exact requirements. Our experts are happy to discuss your exact requirements in a short call.

All your data is stored on Actindo's own, highly-secure servers in Germany, which have been independently certified by TÜV. Our employees have no access to your data, unless you specifically give this for the individual Actindo employee and for a defined period of time. Our company and our processes are certified according to ISO9001, so that any access and data use can be clearly proven. Accordingly, we ensure the highest GDPR standards of the EU.

Depending on your exact needs, it could be live within a matter of months. As a member of the MACH Alliance, Actindo solutions are Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless. Which means that we are able to implement within your existing system landscape within a very short time.

Actindo enjoys solution partnerships and integrations with many of the biggest names in e-commerce. From Salesforce to Shopify, and Amazon to eBay, we have you covered. Check out our Integrations page for more info.

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