Purchasing & Supplier Management

    Anyone who wishes to sell goods must also take care of the procurement of those goods in the first place. Orders and suppliers must be well planned and coordinated to avoid supply bottlenecks in sales. Structure and organization are crucial, especially when working with many different suppliers, or offering a large product rangeThe Actindo Purchasing module helps you to organize your purchasing efficiently and to always keep track of demand, deliveries, and suppliers. 


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    Actindo_Purchasing and Supplier Management

    Benefits of the Actindo Purchasing Module 

    • Planning of purchasing quantities and generation of order recommendations based on specific and up to date metrics 
    • Automatic creation of supplier purchase orders 
    • Direct link to your warehouse and item management  
    • Multi-level invoice verification in direct alignment with accounting 


    Automated and Data-Driven Purchasing & Supplier Management 

    Actindo_Purchasing and Supplier Management_Planung von Bestellungen anhand definierter Metriken

    Planning of Purchase Orders Based on Defined Metrics

    Order quantities can be easily calculated and planned based on stock range, with the help of the Actindo Purchasing module. The system also takes fluctuations and seasonal dependencies into account. Based on relevant data, such as the popularity of an item, specialized suggestions for merchandise orders are automatically generated, allowing bottlenecks to be avoided. 

    Management of Goods Receipts and Suppliers

    Goods receipts can be scanned directly and entered into the system. By generating and printing labels from within our Purchasing and Supplier Module, goods can be correctly labeled immediately and prepared for the subsequent ordering process. Stocks are automatically replenished after the goods have been posted and made available for sale. In addition, all information about your suppliers is stored in the Purchasing and Supplier Module. 
    Actindo_Purchasing and Supplier Management_Direkte Anbindung zu Buchhaltung

    Automated Supplier Orders

    Based on defined metrics, vendor orders can be created automatically in the system. Especially in the case of recurring orders or a larger number of different suppliers, this function simplifies your workflows in purchasing. 

    Direct Connection to Accounting

    Orders for goods and supplier invoices are always automatically transmitted to the accounting department through the link to the Actindo Accounting module. In this way, invoices are always checked in a multi-stage process and according to the 4-eyes principle. 
    Actindo_Purchasing and Supplier Management_Professionelles und organisiertes Purchasing Management


    Always Professional and Well-Organized Purchasing Management 


    Price, quality, and delivery time of goods are not the only crucial elements in purchasing. Furthermore, well-structured demand planning plays a central roleIn order to ensure professional sales, purchasing must be just as professionally organized. Our Purchasing module supports you in keeping your goods procurement neatly organized and in always making timely purchases. Thanks to intelligent automation and data-driven analyses, you will always know exactly when and which product needs to be reordered.  


    The Supply Chain Management of Tomorrow 

    The impact of digitalization on value and supply chains is huge. Companies are increasingly striving for efficient and cross-company supply chain management in order to seamlessly implement the entire value creation process – from supplier to customer. A comprehensive Digital Operations Platform provides the ideal basis for this. It allows you to manage the various steps of your supply chain from one tool. Our Purchasing and Supplier Module, which digitizes and automates purchasing processes, represents the first step in a future-proof supply chain. 

    Actindo_Purchasing and Supplier Management_Lieferketten Digitalisieren

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