Warehouse Management

    The Warehouse Management is the central place on the Actindo platform for organizing and monitoring warehouse processes. An efficient warehouse management is an important success factor for online retailers, but it could be extremely time-consuming, especially when dealing with large inventories. By automating processes in your goods management, your workflows can be optimized, your time saved, and errors avoided. The warehouse management module's functions are highly flexible and adaptable to your company's specific requirements. 


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     Benefits of the Actindo Warehouse Management 

    • Centralized control and management of stock movement and inventories 
    • Complete documentation from goods receipt to sale 
    • Specially built Actindo warehouse matrix for flexible allocation of inventory by a target channel 
    • Real-time analysis of any sales and inventory data 


    Integrated Warehouse Management Solution for Efficient E-commerce 


    Wide-ranging Warehouse Management

    The Actindo warehouse module provides a complete inventory overview of all your products and warehouses, as well as inventory tracking in real time. You can plan warehouse locations according to different metrics, such as buildings shapes and sizes, shelves or compartments, and manage individual storage bins. 

    Support of Different Warehouse Types

    Whether it's a picking warehouse, a replenishment warehouse, or a transit warehouse, you can use the Actindo platform to manage all of your company's warehouses. Different warehouse types are supported, so you can always have everything at a quick glance. 

    Exclusive Actindo Warehouse Matrix

    With the help of our unique specially developed warehouse matrix, inventories can be divided and displayed separately for each of your different sales channels. This enables flexible inventory allocation for your different marketplaces and according to your specific requirements. 


    In the warehouse module, you can plan inventories for your entire warehouse or just for individual sections of it. Create inventory lists directly from the Actindo Core1 platform for easy execution and fast processing of inventory differences. 

    MDE Support

    MDE devices are used to record goods receipts and shipments, stock transfers and inventories, enabling your employees to scan stock quickly and easily. 

    Booking History

    You can track the entire posting history for incoming and outgoing items in our Actindo warehouse module. This way you can always keep track of any inventory changes. 


    Perfect Syncing of your Business Processes 

    Well-organized and manageable warehouse management is the basis for successful e-commerce. However, it is not just warehouse management alone that is crucial, but also the integration of it into the overall company processes. Only by connecting the warehouse with purchasing, accounting as well as product management, and the automated exchange of information in real-time will your online business become truly profitable. 


    lntelligent Warehouse for Successful Retail 

    Every company aiming for a comprehensive digitization strategy should not forget its warehouse. Good warehouse management allows you to optimize warehouse processes and manage inventory with the least amount of time and resources. This requires an intelligent warehouse supported by a suitable system. By optimizing workflows in the warehouse, you can increase the efficiency of your entire e-commerce and make your company fit for the future.  

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