Headless Commerce Platform: Scale Without Limits

Use the speed, performance, and scalability of Actindo Core1 to create unique customer experiences:

  • Maximum flexibility: Actindo Core1 effortlessly grows with the changing needs of your business.
  • Rapid time-to-market: Respond quickly to new customer and market conditions while reducing development costs.
  • Unlimited design freedom: Create unique omnichannel experiences that delight your customers.

Trusted by Leading Brands, Retailers and Manufacturers



    A Platform for Headless Commerce:
    Composable and MACH Certified

    Actindo Core1 is the world's most flexible, API- and cloud-based Digital Operations Platform (DOP) with MACH certification. Manage, orchestrate and automate all your processes effortlessly in one place. The result is less work for your team, more time for your customers, and a better ordering experience for your customers.

    Agile, flexible, and responsive. Without frustrating downtime

    • Respond to new requirements at lightning speed: Adapt your platform to new market demands and increase your competitiveness.
    • Development freedom for creative solutions: Implement innovations in the front-end, independent of the back-end.

    Craft unique customer experiences for omnichannel success

    • Future-proof, headless architecture: API-based design simplifies integration of new technologies and innovations.
    • Holistic omnichannel experiences: Create seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints and increase conversions.

    Comprehensive integration and operational efficiencies

    • Easy and efficient system integration: Powerful APIs make it easy to seamlessly integrate e-commerce tools and customize the platform.
    • Growth and performance: Implement new ideas faster, scale your business, and capture new revenue opportunities.


    Headless Commerce Platform Definition

    In a headless commerce platform, the front-end (user interface) is separated from the back-end (admin area). This means that all components that you can see and interact with are decoupled from the backend system - i.e. the infrastructure, data and logic of the platform. Developers can thus work independently on both layers without interfering with each other.

    At the heart of this headless commerce architecture are so-called headless commerce APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These are interfaces via which the frontend and backend can communicate and interact with each other, enabling a flexible and modular design of the platform.



    Headless Commerce Platform: Benefits

    A headless architecture allows front-end developers to make the user experience flexible, uncomplicated and cost-efficient - without impacting the entire commerce platform. You can develop small, independent e-commerce applications, also known as microservices, in an agile manner and publish product updates in accelerated release cycles. At the same time, the back-end can be easily changed and optimized - without unwanted side effects on the entire system. To put it simply: retailers, brands and manufacturers are given the opportunity to design their headless commerce platform individually according to their requirements.


    Seamless Integration into your Tech Stack

    When integrating ERP systems with online stores, many companies come up against technical limits in terms of flexibility and data availability. Adapting central processes to the main ERP can be time-consuming and harm efficiency. To ensure seamless processes, a powerful and scalable headless commerce platform is essential.

    • A headless architecture enables fast, step-by-step implementation with existing systems
    • The user experience is not affected during the changeover
    • Thanks to headless APIs, Actindo Core1 is compatible with any third-party and partner technology
    • Easy integration of best-of-breed functions such as chatbots, DAM, PIM or business intelligence
    • You can get started immediately - in weeks, not years


      Open up New Sales Channels

      The majority of consumers find it more convenient to buy products online. Retailers, manufacturers and brands that do not adapt to digital commerce risk huge losses in market share.

      • Actindo Core1's omnichannel module connects directly to all sales channels and webshops and manages them centrally
      • Expand your competitive advantage and open up new sales channels to extend your market reach and customer base


      All Data Streams Firmly in View


      B2B retailers often face the challenge of handling huge amounts of data from different systems. Avoid data inconsistency and inefficient processes with Actindo's integrated DataHub with ETL function. 

      • Actndo Core1 bundles all data streams in one place and in near real-time
      • Gain meaningful insights into all areas of your business
      • Make informed decisions and react quickly to market changes

      The Power of MACH: Flexible, scalable and modular

      Unlimited Success with MACH Architecture


      Core1 is based on the proven MACH architecture (microservices, API-first, cloud-native and headless). This modern software approach ensures agility and flexibility and offers almost limitless possibilities to customize your B2B e-commerce platform to your business and market requirements.

      As a pioneer in the field of Digital Operations Platform (DOP) and ERP for e-commerce, Actindo is an official member of the MACH Alliance. Together we are committed to a modular and best-of-breed IT ecosystem for companies.


      Kapten & Son controls all channels for more growth with Actindo Core1

      "Thanks to our partnership with Actindo, we are perfectly positioned to continue scaling in e-commerce." - Johannes Theobald, CEO and Co-Founder of Kapten & Son


      Frequently-Asked Questions

      Want to know more? We've collected some of the most commonly-asked questions below. If you don't find what you're looking for then get in touch! Our experts will be happy to help.

      What is Actindo Core1?

      Actindo Core1 is the world's most flexible commerce ERP. It orchestrates the building blocks of composable commerce to transform, streamline and unify any digital business model.


      The API-first and MACH-certified technology features built-in data organisation and distributed order management capabilities.


      This enables brands and retailers to easily extend the platform, integrate their legacy ERP system and deliver an outstanding digital experience across all channels. 

      Can I keep my legacy ERP?
      Absolutely - Actindo's Core1 solution is designed to integrate step-by-step with your existing infrastructure. It doesn't require a complete system overhaul, and is backed by over a decade of experience working with globally-respected companies. Get in touch with us to discuss your exact requirements.
      How much does it cost?
      This depends on your exact needs, existing system landscape and monthly order volumes. We will tailor our highly flexible solution to your exact requirements. Our experts are happy to discuss your exact requirements in a short call.
      Is my data safe?
      All your data is stored on Actindo's own, highly-secure servers in Germany, which have been independently certified by TÜV. Our employees have no access to your data, unless you specifically give this for the individual Actindo employee and for a defined period of time. Our company and our processes are certified according to ISO9001, so that any access and data use can be clearly proven. Accordingly, we ensure the highest GDPR standards of the EU.
      How long will it take?
      Depending on your exact needs, it could be live within a matter of months. As a member of the MACH Alliance, Actindo solutions are Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless. Which means that we are able to implement within your existing system landscape within a very short time.
      Which integrations are available?
      Actindo enjoys solution partnerships and integrations with many of the biggest names in e-commerce. From Salesforce to Shopify, and Amazon to eBay, we have you covered. See our Integrations page for more.

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