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Actindo offers low-code, seamless integration of many best-of-breed technologies. Quickly connect your shop systems, marketplaces, payment and shipping providers, control them from the Actindo Core 1 platform, and automate all data transfers.

Our API-first approach provides a fast, reliable and step-by-step integration, without impacting the day-to-day business.



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Our Integrations

Adobe Magento 2

  • Completely controllable over the Actindo PIM 
  • Update stock levels automatically and on the fly 
  • Manage product data in a central data hub 


  • Connection via the new Actindo Payment Module
  • Receipt of authorizations, captures, refunds, cancellations and chargebacks via push notification 
  • Verification of push data through automated reports


  • Digital Operations Platform (composable ERP) as middleware, frontend ERP or central ERP
  • DataHub, MDM, MAM & PIM in one integrated solution
  • Seamlessy integrate legacy IT
  • ETL & EDI Integration
Amazon Payment Services

Amazon Payment Services

  • Secure payment processing
  • Seamless integration
  • Advanced fraud protection
  • All-in-one dashboard
Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon Simple Email Service

  • Automate transactional messages
  • Deliver marketing emails globally
  • Send timely notifications to customers


  • Central management of item and order data 
  • Automatic reconciliation of stock levels in real time 
  • Addition of custom fields via Actindo DataHub


  • One connection to access 700+ marketplaces and other sales channels
  • Empower customers to sell more globally, through scalable technology
  • Manage your product listings, pricing, and stock across marketplaces from one central location


  • Apply transformations based on various criteria  
  • Populate web stores with image data based on URLs 
  • Import and assign products automatically from existing media 


  • One scalable integration platform to connect etailers and 3PLs
  • Connect to hundreds of online retailers to reduce time to money
  • Manage order deliveries to ensure products reach customers quickly and securely


  • Export data directly to DHL via API 
  • Track and deliver data collected at a glance in the Actindo platform 
  • Seamless shipping connection to your merchandise management system  


  • Export relevant shipping, package and product data  
  • Convert information in XML format directly 
  • Import tracking, inventory and goods receipt data 


  • Export shipping data to DPD automatically in real-time 
  • Preparation and transfer export data for DPD directly 
  • Simplified tracking through transfer of tracking data 


  • Creatoffer templates directly in the Actindo platform  
  • Prepare and export product data from the Actindo PIM to eBay  
  • Automated order import for processing in Actindo 


  • Create and transmit SEPA transfers and direct debits 
  • Automatic transaction retrieval in selectable intervals 
  • Search transactions easily and directly in the Core1 Platform 


  • Export all data and transform it into EDIFACT a/o XML/EDIFACT 
  • Configure EDIFACT and XML/EDIFACT messages and their contents visually 
  • Import EDIFACT and XML/EDIFACT messages 


  • IntegratFedEx into the shipping processes of the Actindo Core1 Platform 
  • Transmishipping data to the FedEx server in its own special format 
  • Import and collect tracking data in Actindo 

Gambio GX

  • Manage article master data with multilingual description 
  • Scale and adjust prices for articles 
  • Synchronize web shop tax classes 


  • Customer communication and order information in one interface
  • Linked order and customer numbers for direct jumping into Actindo
  • Text modules with relevant values from the order or customer base 


  • Connection via store plugins and the store integration 
  • Adjust mapping to the different payment methods in Actindo Core1 
  • Process refunds easily 

OTTO Market

  • Targeted selection of sales categories 
  • Automated export of products 
  • Forward tracking numbers of returns directly and easily 


  • Increase Revenue with a hyper-personalized post-purchase experience
  • Simplify and save costs with event-driven communications
  • Boost brand loyalty through proactive order communications


  • Receive transactions from Payone and OPOS 
  • Capture authorized payments 
  • Refund transactions directly from Actindo 


  • Automatic transaction retrieval in selectable intervals 
  • Easy search for transactions directly in the Actindo Platform 
  • Automatic or manual matching of open items from the accounting department  


  • One connection to access 700+ marketplaces and other sales channels
  • Empower customers to sell more globally, through scalable technology
  • Manage your product listings, pricing, and stock across marketplaces from one central location

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • Control your product data from the Core1 platform 
  • Support of the variant and option model of the Commerce Cloud 
  • Special requirements, such as complex pricing models, can be implemented 


  • Integration of SAP S/4 and B1 into an efficient unified commerce environment 
  • Individually customizable process flow 
  • Comprehensive data exchange and data transformation  


  • This integration covers SAP Finance and SAP Controlling modules for the SAP ERP
  • SAP FI enables organizations to make financial statements for reporting and analysis
  • SAP CO supports processes to plan, report on and monitor costs from business operations

Schuon Logistik

  • Seamless transfer of shipping data to Schuon Logistik 
  • Automatic data exchange in the required CSV format 
  • Time-saving shipment tracking by importing the data into the Core1 Platform 


  • Integration of all relevant shipping service providers into the shipping processes of the Actindo platform
  • Process shipping directly from Actindo


  • Direct connection and data transfer via API 
  • Simplified shipment processing through automated import and export of shipment information 
  • Overview of shipments managed via Shipwire in the Core1 Platform 


  • Prepare and transfer product master data from the Actindo PIM 
  • Adjust stock levels in real-time automatically
  • Complete inventory management directly from the Actindo Core1 platform 


  • Manage article and order data centrally 
  • Adjust stock levels automatically and in real-time 
  • Process incoming orders via Shopware through automated processes 


  • Enterprise marketplace, B2B, B2C and unified commerce capabilities in one platform
  • Platform-as-a-Service solution with over 900 API-based modules
  • Modular, headless and API based Cloud Native PaaS


  • Connection via the new Actindo Payment Module
  • Receipt of authorizations and captures via webhook notifications
  • Verification of the authenticity of the notifications


  • Marketplace multiplier with access to over 90 sales platforms 
  • Highly scalable and fully integrated interfaces  
  • Central control of product data and inventory for all marketplaces 

UPS WorldShip

  • Simplified shipping processing through the export of delivery data  
  • Prepare and exchange relevant shipping data  
  • Import tracking data in the Actindo Core1 Platform
VCE Solutions

VCE Solutions

  • E-commerce: Direct online shop integration
  • Shipping: Multi-carrier management
  • Track & Return: Transparent supply chain
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