Checklist: Selling D2C on Online Marketplaces

Expand your D2C strategy and tap into new sales potential on online marketplaces with our Actindo checklist.

We'll guide you step-by-step through all the key success factors. You'll receive practical tips and proven strategies to help you tap into the full sales potential of marketplaces, design efficient processes and increase your customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of the D2C checklist

Marketplaces are a profitable sales channel in the D2C approach, as they have an existing customer base and help your brand gain more visibility. However, selling D2C on marketplaces is not a half measure.

To help you expand your direct sales and make it a success, we have put together this comprehensive checklist. 

You will receive clear guidance on how to:

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Increase the shopping cart value
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Drive up the conversion rate

Manage all marketplaces with a single, centralized platform

Whether specialized niche marketplaces or large generalists such as Amazon, eBay and Co: Connect and manage all your marketplaces via a single platform.

The Actindo Core1 Digital Operations Platform automatically transfers data from your connected marketplaces and back to centrally manage product imports and order processing.

  • Numerous interfaces for the seamless connection of new marketplaces and store systems
  • Automatic data transfer and centralized order processing in Actindo Core1
  • Connect quickly to new marketplaces to expand your online presence
  • API-first approach for fast and step-by-step integration.

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