Shopify's Lisa Löcken: 'Strong Partnerships Drive Online Retail Success'

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With 2.1 million active stores in 175 countries - and certainly more once you read this - Shopify is redefining online commerce, every single day. At a time when technology is advancing at groundbreaking speed and customer expectations are rising, Shopify has many interesting insights into key and emerging market trends.

In our latest expert interview, we sat down with Lisa Löcken, Senior Partner Manager at Shopify, and asked her a few questions about key drivers in composable commerce and e-commerce trends in the new year.

Lisa provides exclusive insights and practical tips on how merchants can make the most of these changes to build and run a successful online business.

About Lisa Löcken

Lisa has been responsible for the DACH market as Senior Partner Manager at Shopify since June 2023. In this role, she acts as a contact person, especially for agency partners who support merchants in the selection and implementation of their Shopify store.

With over ten years of experience in e-commerce, the technology industry and as an independent online retailer, Lisa brings valuable expertise to the table.


About Shopify

Shopify is a leading provider of Internet infrastructure for commerce, offering reliable tools to launch, grow, market and manage retail businesses of all sizes,

Shopify makes commerce better for everyone with a platform and services designed for reliability while delivering a better shopping experience for consumers everywhere.

Founded in Ottawa, Shopify is used by millions of businesses in more than 175 countries. Brands like Schleich, Giesswein, Snocks, Beurer, Sennheiser and many more rely on Shopify.

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What trends do you see in e-commerce over the next few years?

Actindo_DEV CENTER_INTEGRATIONS_ANBINDUNGEN_API"Retail is currently undergoing a comprehensive and profound transformation, particularly due to the rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence," says Lisa. "In my view, AI is becoming a fundamental technology for retail.

"At the same time, we see great opportunities for growth in e-commerce despite the general economic difficulties. B2B online business in particular has been growing steadily for years and, according to Statista estimates, will reach a volume of around 1.8 trillion euros in Germany this year.

"This trend will continue in the coming year and offers enormous and sustainable growth potential, especially for large companies and brands in the enterprise sector, both in B2B and D2C businesses."

How can retailers and brands respond to these trends?

"In my view, it is very important for retailers to enter into strong partnerships. It is impossible to keep an eye on all trends and assess their relevance and feasibility for your own company. As a retailer, the focus is on your own core business and it is important to be able to concentrate on this.

"The willingness to see trends and changes as opportunities and to be open to them is of enormous importance. In this context, a suitable and flexible technology stack and a good (agency) partner are essential to successfully implement the corresponding steps."

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Where do you go to stay up to date on the topic of unified commerce?

actindo_omnichannel (1)"I'm flexible and keep up to date by following industry authors on LinkedIn, reading relevant industry newsletters and also benefit from a great network of colleagues internally at Shopify.

"We always keep each other up to date and share interesting and exciting information as it emerges. I also like to take a look abroad to think outside the box."


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