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    New Level of Digital Commerce 

    Agilität durch Microservices


    Agility Through Microservices

    Future-proof your business with a flexible microservices-based architecture. With the help of pre-built commerce building blocks, your teams can easily create a custom infrastructure. Furthermore, they can agilely scale and evolve the IT-framework as needed using a low-code approach. Generate revenue faster than ever before: regardless if you have a PWA online shop or custom web interfaces and apps for your sales teams, you can quickly implement and improve any commerce solution. 

    Mehr erreichen mit flexiblen APIs


    Achieve More with Flexible APIs

    Build the foundation for a customer-centric commerce ecosystem to populate all current and future digital touchpoints with ease. Accelerate innovation with our modern APIs and easy-to-use low-code development environment. With 500+ API endpoints, you can integrate your existing back-end system or additional third-party applications and extend the platform as you need it - regardless of the front-end on your customers' devices. 

    Schneller wachsen mit Cloud-Technologie


    Grow Faster with Cloud-Technology

    As a cloud pioneer from the very beginning, Actindo has over 15 years of experience in high-performance always up-to-date commerce solutions. Use a fail-safe and scalable platform - Made in Germany - instead of worrying about maintaining, connecting and updating a monolithic ERP software. 

    Global Verfügbar mit Headless Commerce


    Globally Available with Headless Commerce

    Headless Commerce is the decoupling of front-end customer touchpoints from back-end solutions. This allows all types of frontends ("heads") to evolve independently. As a result, it gives commerce executives the flexibility and freedom to create commerce experiences that are perfectly aligned with their business model and customers. 

    Datentransformation + Low-Code


    Data Transformation + Low-Code

    Leverage our low-code development platform with pre-built and extensible modules. This will dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of creating end-to-end digital commerce processes - from front-end to fulfillment. Additionally, the built-in ETL functionality allows you to extract and transform a wide variety of data formats from various sources, automate refinement, and deliver to every touchpoint in real time. 


    Technology for Businesses

    The Actindo Core1 allows you to manage all your business processes for your digital Unified Commerce within one platform and have all data centrally available everywhere, and at any time. 

    Actindo_Vereinigen Sie ERP und E-Commerce zu einer Einheit-1

    Locate Information Instantly

    No more wasting hours searching for information in multiple databases. 

    Work More Efficiently

    Stop doing the same work multiple times in different software platforms. 

    Always Up-to-date Overview

    See at a glance how your business is doing and find all your data in a central data hub. 

    Reduce Costs

    Discover potentials for cost reduction and get answers on how to increase revenues and improve customer retention. 

    Modernization Live and in Record Time

    • Modernize your entire existing IT in record time during your day-to-day business. Implement MVP approach easily and quickly even with monolithic ERP solutions. 

    Pioneer and Innovation Leader 

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