Shipping & Fulfillment

    Modern shipping management facilitates the handling of delivery processes and is an important step towards the digitalization of your sales. Whether you work with external fulfillment providers or handle shipping yourself, the Actindo Core1 platform allows you to seamlessly integrate external service providers for fast shipping processing and clear monitoring.   

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    Benefits of the Actindo Shipping & Fulfillment Module  

    • Integrations to numerous carriers - either directly via API or via our Actindo DataHub are readily available 
    • Easy connections to external logistics and fulfillment providers 
    • Mapping of shadow and consignment warehouses with real-time warehouse updates
    • Easy creation of delivery documents in the integrated shipping module  


    Easily Optimize Shipping Processes with the Actindo Shipping & Fulfillment Module 

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    Connection to Shipping Service Providers

    Shipping can be handled and optimized easily with the help of our integrations to popular shipping providers, such as DHL, DPD, FedEx, Dilos, Shipwire or Prologis. Those carriers can be connected independently via DataHub and API.   

    Connection to logistics Providers

    Logistics and fulfillment providers for your shipping processes can be connected natively to the Actindo Core1 platform. This way, all information about your shipments would be available to you in one place. 

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    Integrated Shipping Module

    Within the shipping module you can easily create labels, parcel slips, return slips and other delivery documents for your orders.  

    Support for Shadow and Consignment Warehouses

    Fulfillment providers and consignment warehouses can be mapped as shadow warehouses in the Actindo platform so that all warehouse movements are available live in your system.  


    Support Individual Shipping Processes 

    Customers are placing increasing value on flexibility when purchasing - this applies to the variety of shipping options too. Those who provide a variety of choices to their customers must carefully design internal shipping processes and adapt them to their own requirements.  

    The Actindo Shipping & Fulfillment modules offer the possibility to easily connect different shipping service providers and external providers. If direct integration via an API is not possible, data could be prepared via the central DataHub and then provided in the required format for integration as well. This allows you to easily offer your customers flexible delivery options and different shipping service providers while efficiently managing internal processes. 

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