Fooody4u is an e-commerce subsidiary of Coppenrath Feingebäck, a traditional German baked goods producer established in 1825Over the years, Coppenrath Feingebäck has consistently expanded its product line and gained a reputation that extends well beyond the region.

Today, it stands as a premium brand in the Patisserie industry, with production taking place in over 60 countries worldwide. With a dedicated team of 300 employees, the company ensures the delivery of up to 120 tons of baked goods each day.  

In addition to its renowned products, Coppenrath Feingebäck wanted to offer an extensive range of snacks, confectionery, beverages, and practical leisure and household goods through its e-commerce branch Fooody4u. The subsidiary was established in late 2020 and currently operates through its online store as well as Amazon. Other marketplaces such as eBay and Kaufland will soon be added to the list. 

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Project Goals and Challenges 

Actindo_OrderManagement_FastEasy2With Foody4u the objective was to bring the typical brick & mortar kiosk into the web. In its online kiosk Coppenrath wanted to place its products in a high-quality digital brand environment, that integrates seamlessly into its existing merchandise management system, while also ensuring a fully resilient technical infrastructure.  

Starting from scratch as an e-commerce project Foody4u faced the challenge of requiring the integration of the store and ERP, incorporation of payment providers, and the creation of a comprehensive product information system (PIM) to comply with legal regulations, including the declaration of nutritional values and allergens.  

The sale of beverages subject to deposit added further complexity, necessitating integrating a deposit system. The new online store aimed to cater not only to private households but also to smaller offices and companies, embodying the concept of bringing the kiosk experience to the internet.


The primary objective of the project was to streamline processes and integrate all subsystems effectively. Actindo provided the ERP system, Shopware 6 provided the commerce technology, and digital agency best it provided services for the implementation of the complete project.  

Within six weeks, the Actindo ERP and PIM systems were seamlessly connected. Initially, the store featured products from Coppenrath Feingebäck and their brand Confiserie Mellinia.

In preparation for the sale of beverages, technical integration of the deposit system including popular drinks like Coca-Cola was necessary. Compliance with specific legal regulations in the online food trade, including the declaration of ingredients and allergens, required robust product data management.

The implementation included the Actindo PIM system with over 100 individually maintainable article attributes and integration with the Atrify food database to automate nutritional data enrichment. 

To enhance the store's visibility amidst the vast online landscape, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics were implemented. Legal compliance was ensured through integration with Händlerbund 

Regular communication with customers, including updates on offers and new products, was facilitated through the integration of Sendinblue as a newsletter tool. Social media plugins and various helper plugins were incorporated to ensure Shopware 6 met the project's complex requirements, offering a store with a fresh design and optimal functionality in both the front and back ends. 

Project details:

  • New online shop based on Shopware 6 with modern design and good functionality in both the back and front end

  • Implementation of the Actindo Core1 platform as the heart of the ecosystem

  • The takeover of all ERP processes such as accounting, invoicing, purchasing, warehousing, and shipping by Actindo

  • Direct interfaces to payment providers PayPal, Unzer, and Klarna

  • Plans for seamless connection to Amazon as a marketplace, eBay and Kaufland

  • Integration of social shopping via Google, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Incorporation of individual requirements, such as the implementation of a deposit system and age check for alcoholic beverages

Project Outcomes and Results

Actindo Shipping and FulfilmmentThe project was completed quickly, taking only ten weeks from initiation to going live.

The successful integration and configuration of the Actindo merchandise management system with Shopware was a significant achievement. The complete infrastructure is scalable and robust. Company-specific logistics processes were implemented in Actindo.

Looking ahead, plans are already underway to expand the store gradually by incorporating additional features and products. The goal is to connect with more marketplaces, broadening the reach of the store's offerings.

Continuous process optimization remains a key focus, ensuring ongoing improvements to enhance the overall customer experience and operational efficiency.

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