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Kapten & Son is a renowned lifestyle brand known for its minimalist design, craftsmanship, and sense of adventure. In 2022, they asked Actindo to future-proof their operations and IT architecture with Actindo's Digital Operations Platform.

Kapten & Son faced significant challenges due to their fragmented IT landscape and aimed to implement a unified system that would reduce manual processes, enhance transparency, and optimize productivity to support their ambitious growth targets.

The project was completed in 9 weeks, and enabled Kapten & Son to make significant progress, including:

  • Increased the productivity of their customer care by 23% 
  • Equipped to increase order volume by at least 100% and in peak periods by 1000% without operational difficulties or negative customer experience 

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Digital Operations Platform 

Actindo‘s Core1 platform became the brain and operating system of Kapten & Son‘s retail and e-commerce architecture, providing a comprehensive, MACH-based solution to future-proof their operations.

Actindo Core1_Digital Operations Platform

Process Optimization and Automation

Through the Actindo Process Orchestration, built on microservices, Kapten & Son increased productivity significantly and gained the flexibility to adapt and optimize their business processes within hours, even during peak sales periods like Black Friday.

From Fragmented to Integrated

Actindo provided a data and process hub that enables seamless orchestration and automation of business processes through a low code approach - to turn a fragmented into an integrated system.

Actindo_Omnichannel_Neue Touchpoints schaffen PrÀsenz und Reichweite steigern

Best-of-Breed Architecture

The Actindo Core1 platform allowed Kapten & Son to unify all their sales channels and connect with various composable commerce providers for shop, mailing, fulfillment, payment and more to create a best-of-breed architecture tailored to their specific needs.

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Project Objectives

  • Implement integrated, scalable system to support growth targets
  • Enhance overall productivity with automation and orchestration of processes
  • Faster order processing with fewer errors, leading to improved customer experience
  • Increased agility and ability to adjust  business processes quickly and be faster to market with new features
  • Real-time visibility into operations to make data-driven decisions and gain valuable insights to optimize processes

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