Adyen: 'It's Crucial to Find Payment Systems That Can Adapt Flexibly'

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Payment transactions have evolved from a pure cost center to an important revenue driver that retailers, brands and manufacturers cannot afford to miss out on. Choosing the right payment platform influences all key growth opportunities - from sales and international expansion to the introduction of new business models.

We speak to Henry Hoffmann, Commercial Partnership Manager DACH at leading financial technology platform Adyen, about current e-commerce trends and the growing importance of flexible, composable payment platforms.

Adyen is the global financial technology platform of choice for leading companies and, like Actindo, is a member of the MACH Alliance. Adyen's API-based software solution harmonizes seamlessly with our MACH-based ERP for e-commerce Actindo Core1, enabling a smooth integration.

About Henry Hoffmann

Henry is Partnership Manager at Adyen. As the person responsible for partnerships in the DACH region, he's in contact with various companies, helping them to use payments easily and in harmony with other solutions.



Actindo: Can you give us a brief overview of Adyen ?

"Adyen is a financial technology platform that specializes in payment processing for leading global companies. Our customers include Meta, H&M, Flix and Lindt," says Henry.

"We place great emphasis on the secure processing of payment data, both online and in-store, and create a consistent payment experience across all channels. We optimize conversion in the checkout process, ensure effective fraud prevention and suitable risk settings.

"We're also constantly expanding our range of services, including payout services and embedded finance products."

How will the German e-commerce sector change in the coming years?


"Each year Adyen conducts the annual Retail Report, a comprehensive study on trends in the retail sector.

"This year, respondents showed strong interest in loyalty programs and personalized discounts. Equally important is the range of payment methods, and we are seeing an increasing trend towards wallets on smartphones.

"Another important aspect is the linking of online and offline channels. Customers often try on products in-store but prefer to complete the purchase online. This requires retailers to be flexible enough to respond to these customer wishes."

What challenges do new and growing e-commerce companies face?

"One of the biggest challenges in the e-commerce industry is the complexity of the system landscape.

"With the ever-evolving demands of the shopping experience, it's crucial that different systems such as ERP, DOP, OMS, payment providers and accounting systems can interact and communicate seamlessly with each other.

"It's important that there is harmony between these systems to ensure an efficient and customer-centric shopping experience."

What solutions are there to these challenges?


"The growing challenges in the e-commerce industry make compatibility, adaptability and partnerships within the system landscape increasingly important.

"It's crucial to find the right systems that not only offer a wide range of possibilities, but can also adapt flexibly to the constantly evolving market. This adaptability is key to success in the dynamic world of e-commerce."


On 10.01.2023, the new episode of our video series Digital Synergy Session with Henry Hoffmann, Commercial Partnership Manager DACH at Adyen, will be released. Together we talk about the "Checkout Success Factors: How the choice of payment methods influences the completion of a purchase":

>> Find out more about the Digital Synergy Session with Adyen <<

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