Success Story: Fooody4u’s New Online Kiosk is Powered by Actindo

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Fooody4u is the perfect example that retail is worthwhile for every industry. With the support of Actindo and our partners best IT and Shopware, the subsidiary of traditional pastry manufacturer Coppenrath Feingebäck has transformed the typical kiosk down the street to a web store in just ten weeks.

New paths for Coppenrath Feingebäck

As an e-commerce offshoot of the Coppenrath Feingebäck company, Fooody4u GmbH paves the way for state-of-the-art digital trade.

Founded in 1825, Coppenrath Feingebäck is today one of the high-quality brands in cookie shelves around the world, producing pastries for over 60 countries. The company employs around 300 people and delivers up to 120 tons of baked goods every day, including numerous traditional products as well as innovative cookie creations. Since 1995, the family-owned manufacturer has been managed by Andreas Coppenrath, the sixth generation of the family to do so.

With the 2020 founded subsidiary Fooody4u, the brand is now taking its first steps towards e-commerce. In addition to its own products, a wide range of snacks, confectionery, beverages, and housewares will be offered in the store.   

Our mission: To build a powerful IT infrastructure

The basic idea of the new online shop: A digital kiosk for confectionery, luxury goods, and beverages. Placing the products of Coppenrath Feingebäck and Conviserie Mellinia within a valuable brand environment was one of the goals, while the technical infrastructure had to be fully resilient and integrated into Coppenrath’s existing merchandise management system.

Fooody4u entered the race as a start-up project with no established base for e-commerce. A high-end store had to be created, payment providers had to be connected, and a powerful PIM was required for adding nutritional values and food intolerances to comply with legal regulations.

Selling beverages with deposits also made the implementation of a corresponding deposit system necessary. All individual components were to be merged into the existing ERP and thus combined into a sophisticated ecosystem.

The solution: A fully comprehensive digital commerce setup

Support came from the full-service digital agency best IT, which accompanied the project right from the beginning. Shopware 6 was chosen as the commerce technology, and the connection of various external systems, such as payment providers and marketplaces, was also required.

The product data management was of particular importance due to the special legal regulations regarding the declaration of nutrionial values, ingredients and allergens. Networking the processes and successfully connecting all subsystems was one of the challenges of the project.

Actindo acts as the core infrastructure solution: On the one hand, Actindo Core1 handles important ERP tasks as well as product data management, and, on the other hand, ensures the smooth integration of the web store and all third-party systems.

The project included:

  • New online shop based on Shopware 6 with modern design and best functionality in both back and front end
  • Implementation of the Actindo core1 platform as the heart of the ecosystem
  • Takeover of all ERP processes such as accounting, invoicing, purchasing, warehousing and shipping by Actindo
  • Introduction of the Actindo PIM with over 100 individually maintainable article attributes
  • A simple and legally compliant product data management of detailed product master data
  • Direct interfaces to payment providers PayPal, Unzer, and Klarna
  • Seamless connection to Amazon as a marketplace, eBay and Kaufland are in planning
  • Integration of social shopping via Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Incorporation of individual requirements, such as the implementation of a deposit system and age check for alcoholic beverages

Coppenrath’s motto “honor the old, dare the new” was crucial for successfully accessing digital commerce and the tradition-rich company can fully take advantage of the most modern way of trading from now on.

Digitization at record speed

From “go” to “go live”, it took only ten weeks. The project team’s efficient approach paid off: Thanks to the in-depth consulting and competent configuration by the best IT agency, the modern Shopware store system, and Actindo’s comprehensive Digital Operations Platform, Coppenrath benefits from a highly functional and future-proof e-commerce environment for the Fooody4u online kiosk.

Next steps are already in planning: Expanding the store with additional features and products, connecting more marketplaces, and continuously optimizing the processes.

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