40% Less IT Integration Costs in Multi-Channel Retail

How to leverage your existing IT for digital commerce without budget risk

Successful omni-channel commerce starts with your ERP ecosystem. Customized pricing, product data, or order history: all the information you need to professionally personalize your sales channels is already available to you.

With a data hub, you centralize your processes between your existing IT infrastructure and all digital and analogue touchpoints and reach customers in no time via current and future digital touchpoints, such as online shops, mobile apps, marketplaces, or IoT scenarios.

Learn how to transform your existing IT infrastructure into modern unified commerce quickly and cost-effectively in our Best Practice Guide. 


The whitepaper at a glance

  • Traditional channel thinking is disappearing - the need for networked software solutions for a seamless shopping experience is increasing
  • The starting position: Existing ERP systems hardly ready for the future
  • Why traditional IT modernisation strategies don't work
  • How-to: Use a central data hub
    Step-by-step transformation to unified commerce
  • Success Story: Global e-commerce platform for ETERNA fashion

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